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The Real Reason Why I Watched London Olympics

The Real Reason Why I Watched London Olympics
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Why Is Female Weight-Lifting Not That Popular?

                                        Why Is Female Weight-Lifting Not That Popular?

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Boys Will Always Be Boys!

Boys Will Always Be Boys!
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Jody Steel who uses her thighs instead of Canvas

Months ago, pictures of a Japanese woman, who used her legs for flashing advertisements, went viral on the internet. Another such a case of usage of body has been reported. Jody Steel, a resident of Boston, uses her thighs to make drawings. Yes, her thigh doodles are very impressive and have gone viral on internet.

Her leg drawings were so impressive, she says, her professor at Emerson College in Boston hired her to illustrate a novel. The 19-year-old film production student uses her legs as her main canvas. The photos she draws on her thighs are stunningly intricate that most people think they're tattoos. Steel said that she didn't expect the fame she's starting to receive on the Internet, and now her art is presenting on 

ye kya chutiyapa...

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Cool Control on Soccer Ball — Video

                                            Cool Control on Soccer Ball — Video
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A Touching Lover Story

10th Grade:-
As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called ‘best friend’. I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn’t notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before. I handed them to her.

She said ‘thanks’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want to be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why.

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11th grade:-
The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn’t want to be alone, So I did. As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she decided to go home.

She looked at me, said ‘thanks’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek..I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want to be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why.

Senior year:-
One fine day she walked to my locker. “My date is sick” she said, ”hes not gonna go” well, I didn’t have a date, and in 7th grade, we made a promise that if neither of us had dates, we would go together just as ‘best friends’.

So we did. That night, after everything was over, I was standing at her front door step. I stared at her as She smiled at me and stared at me with her crystal eyes.

Then she said- “I had the best time, thanks!” and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want to be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why.

A day passed, then a week, then a month. Before I could blink, it was graduation day. I watched as her perfect body floated like an angel up on stage to get her diploma. I wanted her to be mine-but she didn’t notice me like that, and I knew it.

Before everyone went home, she came to me in her smock and hat, and cried as I hugged her.

Then she lifted her head from my shoulder and said- ‘you’re my best friend, thanks’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want to be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why.

Now I sit in the pews of the church. That girl is getting married now. and drive off to her new life, married to another man. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn’t see me like that, and I knew it. But before she drove away, she came to me and said ‘you came !’.

She said ‘thanks’ and kissed me on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want to be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why.

Years passed, I looked down at the coffin of a girl who used to be my ‘best friend’.
At the service, they read a diary entry she had wrote in her high school years.

This is what it read:

‘I stare at him wishing he was mine, but he doesn’t notice me like that, and I know it. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I don’t want to be just friends,
I love him but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why. I wish he would tell me he loved me !

………’I wish I did too…’
I thought to my self, and I cried. 

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10 Unique Hotels Around The World

What makes you want to stay in a particular hotel? Location, interior, services or architecture and facade? Today we will list 10 most unique hotels around the world that will caught your eye. Today hotels are not only about the spacious rooms and delicious canteens but they’re also about mind-boggling exteriors and quirky services that make you want to shower money for unique experience. Let’s start with more ‘traditional’ one.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel that is located at the heart of Dubai city in United Arab Emirates. It was designed to imitate sail of the ship and is the second tallest hotel in the world. Standing on the artificial island Burj Al Arab is connected to mainland by private curving bridge. It is both luxurious and unique due to its form as well as contents. The hotel has 28 double-story floors and 202 suites and also offers restraints and large seawater aquarium. 

Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA

Liberty Hotel which used to be a Charles Street jail for Boston’s criminals for about 150 years has preserved its old looks even with restoration in 2007 during which the prison bars have been left intact and now provide a unique experience for those interested for about $313 a night. Same in Mexico

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland

Igloo Village is a part of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland, which provides traditional and unique futuristic igloos during winter season for residents to enjoy the snow sights and northern lights under the glass ceiling at room temperature.
Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria

Das Park Hotel located in Linz, Austria is an idea of Andreas Strauss who came up with redesigning and actually using sewer pipes as hotel rooms. Each room is equipped with lights, double bed, hut sleeping bags and electronic code lock to ensure safety of your luggage. The hotel complex has toilets, showers, a mini bar and cafeteria and the rest of the services such as electricity are purchased with ‘pay as you go’ system.

Hotel Marqués De Riscal, Elciego, Spain

This five-star hotel, originally a winery built in 1858 was re-designed by Frank Gehry into a City of Wine with hotel, wine shop, viticulture museum and SPA. To incorporate the feel of Rioja region and Marqués De Riscal bottles into the building architecture Gehry decided to go with pink, silver and gold ribbon-like titanium plates decorating the facade.

Martello Tower, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Martello Towers were built to protect against potential Napoleonic attack. But now some of them serve as hotels after some restoration. Living with the wind, sea and rain in the echoing rooms it’s a truly unique historical experience. The features are a solid fuel stove, parking, roof terrace and showers. The dogs are allowed.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Ayvali Village, Turkey

Gamirasu Cave Hotel is located in Ayvali Village in Cappadocia, Turkey. The hotel consists of 30 rooms in troglodyte cave and was opened in 1999. Being one of the most distinctive cave hotels in Cappadocia, Gamirasu was made out of old Byzantine monastic retreat of one thousand years old. The hotel as well as the village provide many activities for their guests from free horse riding to baking and wine-making.

Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo, Chile

The Magic Mountain Hotel or Montaña Magica Lodge is located in Huilo Huilo nature reserve in Chile and it’s spectacular. The hotel was designed after volcano and has a water falling from the top sliding down the windows. The combination of nature and man-made facilities will give you both comfort and unique experience with the nature. Here are hot tubs made of tree trunks right in the forest, here is the Forest Table Restaurant that serves homemade Chilean cuisine and there are spacious rooms with bathrooms equipped with rough-cut wood furnishings. The rates vary from around $250 to $400 per night. More

Hôtel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

Hôtel de Glace or Ice Hotel in Quebec Canada is one of the most unique hotels in the world. Made out of ice and snow the hotel boasts spacious berooms, jazz suite, ice bar and cafe, hockey suite and an ice chapel. You can marry there and have fun sleeping in -5°C from January 6th, 2012 in 12th edition of this amazing work of art.

Quinta Real Zacatecas, México

Quinta Real Zacatecas is a converted-bullring-hotel in México. The bullring which was built in 19th century has hosted its last corrida in 1975 being later restored and redesigned into a hotel which has preserved the feel and the beauty of its original structure. The former bullring is now a colonial-style patio with flowers and romatic landscapes.

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Top 10 Celebrities Unexpected Hobbies

It seems when celebrities aren’t doing their thing in the limelight, they’re busy doing something else that will lead to them returning to said limelight as swiftly as possible.  Whether that’s talking extensively about tiger blood or working on their next project depends on the celeb in question and their mental wellbeing, but surely there is more to life?  Everyone needs a hobby… And hobbies they have!  In their precious downtime, there are more than a few celebs who like to do a little collecting.  While there are some fairly regular behaviors out there, as you’d expect the a-list can’t be satisfied by being just like everyone else, oh no.  Here are the 

10. Rodstewart — Railroad

 “Do you think I’m sexy?” Not really, now I know you have a penchant for model railways.  Obviously collecting toy trains isn’t that crazy.  Nevertheless, being Rod Stewart and collecting model trains does strike one as bizarre.  Surely he should be entertaining super models and forcefully projecting raspy odes of affection about a girl named Maggie May?

The thing is, Rod isn’t alone when it comes to rock stars with less than rocking pastimes.  Apparently Ronnie Wood collects stamps (what a cliché) and, although not a collection, Alice Cooper has long loved nothing more than a round of golf, a fact he kept hidden during the heights of his snake-based antics. Link

09. Kiefer Sutherland – Gibson Guitars

The 24 star is an avid collector of Gibson guitars.  At last count, his collection was around the 38 mark, which by anyone’s standard is fairly excessive.  They’re all housed at the studio he set up to help and encourage young people to get into music and start playing.  Good work Kiefer!  His love for guitar was fuelled by hearing the likes of Jimmy Page and Angus Young when he was a mere sprog, before The Lost Boys even, and since then he’s never looked back.

Kiefer loves to play, but classes himself as a music appreciator rather than a musician.  This didn’t stop the famous guitar manufacturer from creating a signature Gibson in his honor.  Seriously.  Kiefer is up there with Robby Krieger and Slash.  If you fancy plucking his strings, then the model is called the Gibson Kiefer Sutherland KS-336. Link

08. Quentin Tarantino – TV Show-Themed Board Games

As you’d expect, Tarantino’s love of pop culture is present in his collecting habits.  Only marginally less into board games than women’s feet (you can’t collect those), it clearly seemed like an obvious choice.  In an interview, he showed off his collection that he keeps organised by genre.  His favourites are Dawn of the Dead and Universe.  The latter he claims is “the closest they ever came to an official 2001: A Space Odyssey game.”

He also has a Platoon game that, at the time of the interview, he was hoping to one day play with Oliver Stone.  I have no idea if that ever happened, but the image of it is now set in my mind’s eye.  Interestingly, Tarantino also set out to collect retro lunch boxes, but gave up as they were too expensive. Link

07. Reese Witherspoon – Antique Linen

Reese is a southern belle through and through, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Arguably, her hobby of collecting antique linen is somewhat in-keeping with this background.  She supplements this love with an additional fascination of intricate embroidery.  She sounds like the perfect girly girl.  That is until you remember the time she…no, there’s literally nothing bad about Reese Wither-spoon.Link

06. Brad Pitt – Metal Art

Everyone’s an art critic, even Brad Pitt.  His particular specialty seems to be metal art, in particular functional metal art pieces.  I’m not sure if this is what the rest of the world would refer to as garden furniture, but either way Brad loves it.  In fact he’s big on art in general, once turning up at a gallery in Basel, Switzerland to shell out the best part of $1 million on a rainbow-colored racetrack painting entitled Etappe by Neo Rauch. Link

05. Nicole Kidman – Judean Coins

When not acting or playing Nintendo (another of her favorite pastimes), superstar and all-around Oscar darling Nicole Kidman likes to do a little collecting in the way of ancient Judean coins.  There is a not-inconsequential amount of Judean coins out there to collect so presumably this keeps Nicole occupied manfully while she attempts to revisit and replicate the artistic and creative highs of her debut work as Judy in BMX Bandits. Link 

04. Tom Hanks – Typewriters

So Tom, what you got there?  About 200 portable manual typewriters?  Oh…yup, Tom Hanks likes little more than a mechanical key stroke.  The worldwide promotional tour for the film Larry Crowne meant leaving the collection at home, something he was clearly struggling with.  Tom did the sensible thing and took his trusty Corona model with him.  It is portable after all.

Tom didn’t stop there though; throughout the tour he posted pictures showing what a swell time he and the Corona were having.  For the most part, pieces of his collection are fully functional, due to Tom’s dedication to keeping them all in tip-top shape.  His love stems from the permanent nature of anything that is produced on a manual typewriter, believing a note written in this manner is like etching the sentiment in stone…not quite right Tom, but we get the idea. Link 

03. Angelina Jolie – Knives

 Avoiding any obvious jokes about the things Angelina likes to collect, we’ll get straight to the point, literally.  Miss Jolie has a fine collection of knives.  It doesn’t really come as a surprise, does it?  Especially after that whole vial of Billy Bob’s blood episode.  Her mother bought Angie her first knife when she was about 12 years old and the collection started from then.

If you doubt the interest Angelina has in the pointy and metallic, have a peep at her butterfly knife skills as demonstrated on prime time American TV…honestly, it’s on YouTube.  Slightly more disturbing is the fact she has already started her son Maddox down the same route.  And even more disturbing: in a magazine interview, she claimed to have cut herself during sex as a teenager to heighten the pleasure of the experience.  On second thought, collecting knives is probably one of the less unusual things Jolie spends her free time doing. Link

02. Claudia Schiffer – Insects

 Building an expansive collection of creepy crawlies isn’t the first hobby you’d associate with a global supermodel, is it?  Well, you’ve clearly not met Claudia Schiffer.  The German model turned designer can’t get enough of bugs.  Her home is adorned with images of insects, one of which is actually crafted from insect parts and hangs pride of place in the living room.  Even her 2011 knitwear range was inspired by spiders, and she claims arachnids are her favourite muse when it comes to a bit of doodling. Link

01.   Johnny Depp – What DOESN’T He Collect?

Depp is a heroic collector.  The unusual item that started the adventure down JD’s rabbit hole of hoarding was a pigeon skeleton.  This is at the extreme end of the bats and bugs he’s so fond of.  He even has a favorite bug shop that is located in Paris, France.  Wonder if he’s ever chatted to Claudia about wee beasties with more than four legs?  Arguably more conventional is his collection of items owned by beat writer Jack Kerouac.  These include not only interesting editions and manuscripts of Kerouac’s work, but jackets, a raincoat and a suitcase that belonged to the author too.

There is also his range of art and craft lamps that complement his collection of art deco furnishings.  And Johnny also has a not-insignificant collection of pictures featuring clowns.  One of which was supposedly painted by the murderer John Wayne Gacy.  It’s creepy, but also somehow very Depp, which makes his unusual collecting just that much cooler than everyone else’s…Link

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10 Best Pop Stars Turned Film Stars

 Pop singers can turn in Oscar-worthy movie performances, some more regularly than others. Here's our pick of the best musical movie actors...

 Will Smith. The undisputed king of acting singers, and he can’t even sing. He has played superheroes. He has played Muhammad Ali. He has played a futuristic cowboy who hates giant metal spiders. There’s nothing he can’t do. Pictured: Ali (2001)

 Jennifer Hudson. Nobody could have guessed that an American Idol reject would win an Oscar for her raw performance in Dreamgirls. Or, admittedly, follow it up with a disappointing bitpart in the Sex and the City film. Pictured: Dreamgirls (2006)

Mark Wahlberg. He may have his numerous detractors but, given the right director, Wahlberg can be genuinely riveting to watch. Yes, he made The Happening – but, seriously, you try acting opposite wind. Pictured: The Fighter (2010)

 Frank Sinatra. When he put the right amount of effort in, Sinatra could be a compelling screen presence. He even won an Oscar for From Here to Eternity. He also made Cannonball Run II, but shush. Pictured: From Here to Eternity (1953)

Cher. For someone with such an immobile face, Cher has enormous range. She won an Oscar for Moonstruck. She was heartbreaking in Mask. She turned up for work on Burlesque. That’s dedication. Pictured: Mask (1985)

 Bette Midler. She has spent the last decade and a half playing identically brassy bitparts in terrible films, but Midler had real power once. Admittedly only in other terrible films, but beggars can’t be choosers. Pictured: The Rose (1979)

 Eminem. To be fair, he has only really played himself – albeit a mumbling, monotone version of himself – in 8 Mile. But playing yourself can be harder than it looks. Exhibit A: Spice World: The Movie. Pictured: 8 Mile (2002)

 Mariah Carey. Naturalistic and unshowy, Mariah Carey was a genuine revelation in Precious. Not that anyone has got more than three minutes into Precious without wanting to slash their wrists, obviously. Pictured: Precious (2009)

Sting. Calling Sting a more tolerable actor than singer sounds like a backhanded compliment. That’s because it is. Watch Brimstone & Treacle and you can almost forgive him for Shape of my Heart. Almost. Pictured: Brimstone & Treacle (1982)

Justin Timberlake. Timberlake’s determination to be an actor rather than a singer hasn’t paid off yet, but he’s sticking with it. Hopefully he will come good soon, or God help us all. Pictured: The Social Network (2010)

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Katrina Say Salman Is Unromantic

As they get ready for the release of their forthcoming film Yuvraaj, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif gave their first joint interview and answered questions about their love life for the first time.When Katrina was asked whether Salman was a very romantic boyfriend and she promptly replied,
“No. He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen.”
This will be their first serious romance and Katrina confesses that their ideas of romance are very different from each others’.
“I want to go for holidays, but he says its boring to be alone together. He hates candlelight dinners. He wants his food to be ready on the table when he reaches a restaurant. He likes to be surrounded by people.”
Katrina also spoke about what she likes about Salman, except for the fact that he is a good looking man,
She says, “Earlier I used to think, models were drop dead lookers. But today I cherish a complete personality. But I cannot deny that Salman and I had an instant connection when we met. I thought he was a striking personality.”
Salman was asked who he thinks of as the most beautiful woman in the world and guess what he replied -
“Whoever I have gone out with or I am going out with now, is the one.”
Perfect reply that nailed both Aishwarya and Katrina. Wonder if that caused a little twitch in Katrina’s eyebrow.

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