Athletes Among Us by Jordan Matter

Athletes Among Us, New York photographer Jordan Matter again surprised the world with their new photo project. His previous big idea " Dancers Among Us "was a runaway success that inspired the photographer to create a series of photos, which again will turn our view of everyday reality.  "Athletes Among Us" - a project that demonstrates that even when athletes do not compete, their life is full of genuine passion and energy. "Athletes Among Us" - this project is not about sports, but about how it is important to achieve the set goals, strive for excellence and never give up. Whichever way you choose.

American football on Valentine's Day.

Shaving and Martial Arts

Sunday Shopping Rugby

Gymnast crosses the street, that is, Jumps

Calisthenics and Light Reading

Mom-Racing Cyclist for Shopping

Acro Yoga proves best views at the Top

Offer hands and hearts of Football ...

Battle of Superheroes

If a Goalkeeper is on the Gate, Security Shop Under Control

Bodybuilder on a Business Trip

Cheerleaders will always find a Winner

Express Delivery of Pizza on a Skateboard

Natural Lighting, Acrobatic Yoga 

Bodybuilder waiting for a Taxi

BasseJnaya Party from a Team of Rowers

Goalkeeper and here at the Gate

The Flesh and Blood of a Football Player

Choosing a Bodybuilder: Red or White?


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